Prayer focus for June 6th

“The evangelisation of the world in this generation depends first of all upon a revival of prayer” (R.E. Speer)

In their recent occasional paper on prayer and evangelism (Paper 42) the Lausanne group highlighted the strategic need for communication, using every available media to inform, encourage, delight, challenge, teach, guide and inspire prayer. How we need to incorporate all these means in increasing prayer for the mission field of healthcare!

They also said, “We must pray for a spirit of prayer to be poured out by God”

David Thomas in a recent article on travailing prayer said the same thing. He also commented, whilst noting the groaning prayers of God’s people through the centuries (I will give God no rest… Isaiah 62:7), “it became evident to me that the Bible appears utterly unfamiliar with casual prayer, prayer of the mouth and not of the heart!”

Leaders of great awakenings in the past discerned that none of the audacity and determination in prayer could be self-generated. An outpouring of the ‘spirit of prayer’ was needed: God Himself, by His Spirit, providing discernment, faith, energy, words and the very breath of awakening.

This month, let’s pray that God will graciously and mercifully pour out a spirit of prayer upon believers in the European healthcare field. “Come, Holy Spirit!”

Our monthly focus is upon the healthfield of Israel:

  • We are joining with the whole nation as they celebrate their 70th milestone. Together we thank the Lord for His faithfulness to His word (Ezekiel 36:24; 37:11-12)
  • Daily, Israelis and Muslims in the territories are opening their hearts to the Lord. Let’s pray for a pouring out of the Spirit of Life in the land and that all will know Jesus as Lord! (Ezekiel 37:13) May believing healthcare workers play a big part in this.
  • The enemy, through neighbouring lands, openly cries for their destruction (Psalm 5:8-9). May Israel be thoroughly prepared spiritually for future wars (Ezekiel 38).
  • The battle also rages in the healthcare field as world-renowned medical centres (Hadassah in Jerusalem and Rambam in Haifa, amongst others) are brought to bankruptcy through pride, competition and corruption. Pray for confession and repentance.
  • Pray that believers in healthcare will find their strength and protection in the Lord. There are some beautiful and Godly ministries, pray for Shevet Achim and FAI.
  • For Philippe and the Healthcare Believers Fellowship – pray for the new ministry centre in Haifa and that all the tricks and attacks of the enemy to de-rail the work and introduce fear will be exposed.
  • May the work of HBF be extended and to this end we pray that the Lord will send out workers into His harvest fields. Matt 9:38.